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Company Overview

Pandughar is a group of successful business entities and development initiatives that are currently engaged in real-estate, ready-made garments, composite textile, consumer goods, information technology, financial services and agricultural export related industries with more than 15,000 family members.

Pandughar Group’s journey began in 1995 with Urban Design & Development Limited. Chairman of the group – Mr. Nazim Uddin Ahmed named it after his ancestral village of south-eastern Cumilla region of Bangladesh. Pandughar Group’s strength comes from the knowledge and capabilities of its valuable members. The Group nurtures a culture where all members of the family collaborate with each other, sharing their knowledge and expertise to establish sustainable growth of the business.


Pandughar intends to widen and strengthen its services to the community by nurturing a culture of acquiring and sharing knowledge and capabilities  amongst the members of the group. Aware of its own impact on communities and environment, Pandughar pursues this goal in sustainable and responsible ways. Pandughar aims to strengthen its ventures and establish new ones towards doubling the family in the coming few years.