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Auleek Ltd.

Auleek is a design and visualization technologies company specialized in combining creative ideas and emerging technologies to develop visualization solutions. Auleek crafts life-like visions of yet-unbuilt structures, spaces and products, enabling the audience to experience the vision. Auleek provides highly specialized solutions in the areas of Architectural Visualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions, Virtual Tours, Interactive Applications, etc.

Auleek works with clients from around the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Sweden and Bangladesh. In its 5 year journey, Auleek has delivered 150+ visualization projects to its clients.

Board of Directors

Nazim Uddin Ahmed


Ahmad Niaz Murshed

Managing Director

K. M. Touhiduzzaman

K. M. Touhiduzzaman