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Activity Report:
May - July 2023

Recognizing academic excellence, alleviating hardship within vulnerable communities and healing lives through Pandughar Foundations’ compassionate initiatives.

Guided by the vision of nurturing tomorrow's champions, witness how Pandughar Foundation's unwavering commitment uplifts the lives of the underprivileged, making a profound impact on the community.

Fostering Brilliance through Education: Merit Scholarships Based on Outstanding Academic Achievements in 2022

Pandughar Foundation’s merit scholarships stand as a tribute to remarkable academic achievements in 2022. Celebrating the dedication and hard work of 4 students from classes 7 to 10, as well as 4 SSC exam takers, Pandughar Foundation awarded scholarships, investing in a future driven by knowledge and excellence.

Aiding Those in Need: Pandughar Group's Support Reaches 2,123 Beneficiaries Facing Financial Hardship

Pandughar Hasina Khanoam Foundation’s philanthropic endeavors continue to make a profound impact, extending support by providing 10kg rice as monthly sustenance and financial aid to 2,000 at Pandughar Village, Murad Nagar, Cumilla and 123 underprivileged  individuals at Gaibandha, Rangpur Division. It demonstrates Pandughar Group’s commitment to easing hardships in vulnerable communities.

Empowering Wellbeing: Comprehensive Medical Assistance Provided to Employees and Family Members

As per Pandughar Group’s Operational Policy – Medical Assistance has been provided to 19 case specific employees and their family members. This aid covered a range of health challenges, including: brain tumor/carcinoma, rectum Cancer, ligament injury, neonatal complication, delivery complication & C-Section delivery, excessive adenomyosis, gallbladder stone removal surgery, gastric ulcer, orthopedic/osteoporosis, breathing problem, doctors consultation & treatment.