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Activity Report:
January - March 2024

Pandughar Foundation Assists 2,235 Beneficiaries Facing Financial Hardship

Pandughar Hasina Khanoam Foundation’s philanthropic efforts continue to have a significant impact, providing a monthly sustenance of 10kg of rice and financial aid to 1925 underprivileged individuals in Pandughar Village, Murad Nagar, Cumilla, 190 individuals in Gaibandha, & 120 individuals in Char Rajibpur, Kurigram in Rangpur Division. This demonstrates Pandughar Group’s strong commitment to alleviate hardships in vulnerable communities.

Comprehensive Medical Support for Employees and Their Families

Under Pandughar Group’s Operational Policy, medical assistance has been extended to 17 employees and their family members, encompassing various health challenges such as Kidney Disease (1 case), Heart Disease (1 case), Child Pneumonia (1 case), Septicemia (1 case), Beta Thalassemia (2 cases), Jaundice (1 case), Lung Cancer – Metastatic Carcinoma – Grade III (1 case), Colon Cancer (1 case), C-Section Delivery (3 cases), Normal Delivery (1 case), Postpartum Complication – Puerperium (1 case), Surgery for Acute Anal Fissure (1 case), Hypertensive Crises, Uncontrolled MD, EI (1 case), and High-Grade Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Germinal Center – B Type (1 case). This initiative underscores our commitment to supporting our team members during times of medical need, ensuring their well-being and peace of mind.

Annual Sports, Cultural & Prize Giving Ceremony at Pandughar School

The Annual Sports, Cultural, and Prize Giving Ceremony at Pandughar Samsuddin Ahammad Bhuiyan Junior High School celebrates talent and achievement. Students display their sports skills and cultural diversity through performances, culminating in recognition of academic and extracurricular accomplishments, fostering community pride among students, teachers, and parents.