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Activity Report:
October - December 2023

Mitigating hardships in vulnerable communities and fostering optimism among individuals through the charitable initiatives of the Pandughar Foundation.

Aiding Those in Need: Pandughar Foundation's Support Reaches 2,114 Beneficiaries Facing Financial Hardship

The philanthropic efforts of the Pandughar Hasina Khanoam Foundation continue to make a significant impact, offering a monthly sustenance of 10kg of rice and financial aid to 1,963 individuals in Pandughar Village, Murad Nagar, Cumilla, and 151 underprivileged individuals in Gaibandha, Rangpur Division. This showcases Pandughar Group’s unwavering commitment to alleviating hardships in vulnerable communities. Additionally, the foundation distributed 500 blankets to support impoverished individuals in Kurigram District.

Fostering Health and Wellness

According to Pandughar Group’s Operational Policy, medical assistance has been extended to 18 case-specific employees and their family members, addressing a spectrum of health challenges, including Consolidation of Lung, Kidney Disease, Fracture of Leg due to Road Accident, C/S Delivery (3), Laparoscopic Rt side Salpingectomy due to P/V Bleeding, Fistula, Early-onset neonatal sepsis (EONS), Child Pneumonia, Septicemia, Beta Thalassemia, Jaundice, Anal Fissure, AKI, Dental Treatment & Replacement.

The Foundation has also donated to Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital amounting to Tk. 200,000/- (Two Hundred thousand) for Patient Welfare Fund.