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Pandughar Group has always worked towards bringing a positive impact on its surrounding communities and the environment. The Group’s core strategy is to improve the lives of the underprivileged people of this country.


Pandughar Group is strongly committed to reducing carbon footprint. All its plants have suitable effluent treatment processes, using alternative energy sources and lower energy consuming equipment that are also environment friendly. The Group has put organized efforts towards supporting water and energy conservation initiatives – some of the plants are now using indigineous natural gas to generate power. 

Compliant Business Practices

Pandughar Group always complies with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. It conducts business upholding ethical values expected of a good corporate citizen.


At Pandughar, we are accountable for our actions and we respond quickly to the needs of our stakeholders.

Improving lives of the underprivileged

Pandughar established the Hasina Khanom Foundation in order to give back to the 

community and contribute to building the country’s champions of tomorrow.


Hasina Khanom Foundation has established an elementary and a primary school where the education is completely free. The Group also has an active program in its ready-made garment business that provides basic education to workers. Other than this, the program also provides scholarships to the meritorious children of its employees.


At Pandughar Group, the employees receive healthcare support not only for themselves but also for their immediate family members. The employees also have access to welfare funds which they can access for various kinds of support.

Subsistence to the ultra-poor

At Pandughar village, we provide monthly subsistence including rice grain and allowance to the elderly and the underprivileged families.